Brits pack beaches and cause railway 'chaos' - despite pleas from police.

Officers slammed Boris Johnson's decision to announce the easing of lockdown rules from Monday ahead of the weekend when temperatures are set to soar to 25C for most parks of the UK.

From Monday up to six people will be able to meet up in outdoor spaces - including private gardens

Police forces across the country have urged people to stick to lockdown guidelines after a surge of crowds flocking to parks and beaches caused chaos on railways.

Officers pleaded with people to take the guidelines seriously and slammed Boris Johnson's decision to announce Monday's easing of lockdown rules ahead of the weekend when temperatures are set to soar to 25C.

A surge in passengers led to "chaos" on rail services to Bournemouth today, The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union said.

The union blamed "mixed messaging from the Government" and said Cross Country had been forced to try and find additional fleet to cope with the increased passenger numbers.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: "The hopeless mixed messaging from the Government and the impact of the Cummings affair has resulted in predictable chaos on the railway today with Bournemouth at the eye of the storm."

It's expected that more and more people will be out enjoying the sun from Monday

Devon and Cornwall police also said they had seen a rise in people travelling into the region to stay overnight - despite the South West region now having the highest R (0.9) in the country.

Crowds were also seen across London flouting lockdown rules by flocking to parks, beaches and riversides as the official death toll surpassed 38,000.

The UK's official coronavirus hospital death toll has risen to 30,736 today as 183 more die, with the total figure across all settings today yet to come.

It's expected that more and more people will be out enjoying the sun from Monday, when the new rules come in, which includes allowing up to six people to meet up in outdoor spaces -  including private gardens.

A hot sunny Saturday draws crowds to Bournemouth beach o the last weekend of what was officially the half-term break for local schools
Police have pleaded with people to stick to the current guidelines - to only spend time with only one other person from another household

Also, outdoor markets and car ­showrooms can also reopen, reception, Year One and Year Six pupils will be allowed back in class and while pubs were due to reopen in July the Prime Minister has said it may be sooner now Cinemas could begin screenings again from July 4 as well.

Ahead of the weekend Merseyside Police Superintendent Jonathan Davies pleaded with people to stick to the current guidelines - to only spend time with only one other person from another household.

And Kim McGuinness, Northumbria's police and crime commissioner slammed the PM for his announcement, saying: "By pre-announcing changes ahead of a weekend of sunshine, the PM must have known he was going to create a difficult situation for the police.

"The messaging looks like it was rushed forward to help ministers in a difficult position."

With government easing lockdown further from Monday onwards, scores of people arrive in cars and fill the car park almost immediately to enjoy the hot sunny weather at Camber Sands, East Sussex today
People enjoying the good weather on the beach at Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex

Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Kier Pritchard also urged people to stick to guidelines.

He said: "I know we are going into another weekend where the weather looks fantastic and beautiful, and that will bring many temptations for us to go outside and perhaps meet with friends and loved ones that we haven't seen for some time, and perhaps gather in large groups, but, quite simply the rules and regulations will not allow that this weekend."

The Lake District's assistant chief constable Andy Slattery added: "We are still a long way from being ready to welcome visitors in the usual numbers and there are still very clear rules about what is and is not permitted."

The government has said it hopes that a "test and trace" regime, where contacts of known cases are asked to self-isolate, will contain the virus and help the country start to reopen.

But three members Britain's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) - which provides scientific advice for UK cross-government decisions in the Cabinet Office Briefing Room (COBR) - have warned these measures are being introduced too early and say the virus is still spreading 'at speed.'

While the official UK death toll is over 38,161 in all settings, including hospitals and care homes yesterday the true figure is more than 47,300 based on death certificates from each UK nation and according to a survey by the Office of National Statistics, there are an estimated 54,000 new COVID-19 infections per week in England.

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